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August 19, 2009


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wow people! since ive not been on this site anymore(also not on kong…) i hav more daily visits than eva!1!!! sadly i cant do cheats with CE on kong anymore cuz i hav mozila and it has an security sistem that closes immediatley mozila if CE is open…
i dont think i will acces this site anymore…im not deleting it cuz i still hav some useful cheats here….

February 21, 2009

10k vid!

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Yes, the 10k vid is finally here! plz watch it,subscribe, rate and fav

’till new news…cya l8r!

January 28, 2009

4 medals YAY

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if u didn’t already know, i’m practicing karate for 5 years(started when i was 7).I have achieved 2 medals from karate fighting contests(1 bronze and 1 gold) and a trophy

yes, yes, i no that  the karate medals aren’t 4 in total, but thats not all! I have achieved 2 medals from school contests too(1bronze at English and 1 gold at Maths).

here’s a pic with my medals:

my medals

untill new medals…cya!

January 27, 2009

need CSS master

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Hello guys!if you are a CSS master or if you know some1, leave a comment on the WE NEED STAFF page. ty!

’till new news…find me a CSS master!

January 4, 2009

new theme and a clue

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hey guys!as you may have noticed, we have a new theme!hope you like it!

Also,I have a clue for you guys!As said in the previous post, I will make a surprise for you ppl after we will get 10k visits!well, i’m giving you a clue about what I will make. Just think at Club Penguin, Runescape and maybe World of Warcraft too

untill new newz…cya after 10k

December 21, 2008

almost 10k!

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Hey kongers!we almost have 10k visits!keep visiting this site and I will make something special…something really special…

Untill new news…bring ur friends to this site!

November 30, 2008

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! YAY!!!!! :D

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 2:52 pm

Hello guys!!! stupid internet was lost in my house because of stupid people that broke it. till these days, we didn’t thought that! Well, now I am here back to kong so, I will post again! I will get bussy  now triying to get the new things, so can you figure out what new things are till tomorrow?

til’ new news….bye :)

October 2, 2008

new vid!

Filed under: news — snow dobby 2 @ 7:26 pm

hey ppl!I made a new vid!it isn’t about kong btw…it is about club penguin!im sure that many of u play CP, and here’s a vid with a ticket cheat

’till new news…waddle on!

September 28, 2008

sorry =:(

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 12:39 am

hi guys. theres 2 new cards again. one in colourpod 2 and another in loops of zen. these days were advising cards too late.sorry and sorry. now internet works beter so we will advise them quickly.

untill new news…bye! :)

September 20, 2008

2 new cards

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 11:02 pm

hi everyone theres 2 new cards. one in light-bot and another in the mixed world of Warlords: heroes . mixed game of achilles and warlords call to arms.

til news or whatever…cya ppl! :D

September 14, 2008

a new card full of…sand?!?!

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 7:37 pm

hi ppl this time the new card is in sandstorm racing. this days we arent having codes and more because kong now its only giving badges to games with cards, so we have less games to interest in to search out things.

til new info…see ya l8r! :)

September 11, 2008

new card in card game (how sweet!)

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 11:47 pm

hi guys! another card has arrived to kong and now its on The Necronomicon. Also were thinking to continue with this site snowdoby2 and me. YAY! :D

until new news…see ya later! :)

September 6, 2008

a new card again!

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 12:37 am

hi guys kong has a new card. go to batalion: nemesis and youll find out!

until new newzs…card,card,card… :D

September 4, 2008

another card in kong

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 9:28 pm

theres a new card in kongregate. this time its of another of the ‘DigYouOwnGrave’ games, Vector Runer.

til new newsz…lots of cards, cool :cool:

new layout!

Filed under: news — snow dobby 2 @ 5:51 pm

hey guys!I hope u like the new layout!if u don’t, simply comment on this post!


September 2, 2008

maybe this site will stay

Filed under: news, whatever — snow dobby 2 @ 8:12 pm

hi guys!maybe this site will not be deleted. I have some fans and superpan can do this. I will make him an admin and he can add any1 on this site!I will make a toontown help site but pan will continue with this site since I was banned 4 eva. if u want this site to stay, bring 5 different ppl to comment on this post.watch out!I can see ur IP!

’till new news…pan is the boss :cool:

another card in…A spider game!!!

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 2:49 pm

hello boys. theres a new card in a Arachnophillia. These days Im advising the card a little late, thats because internet connection have problems in here. so hurry up! only two days to go!

’till new news… :P …Get that card! :)

August 28, 2008

theres a new card again lol

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 5:12 pm

theres a new card in hexiom connect and snowdobby 2 maybe youre not baned for all the time… loggin in kongregate and if youre still banned look the upper right corner of the page were it says that youre banned and there you will see a thing that says the time remains for being unbanned(at least that appears to me)and if you dont see it i can let you have my other blog because i dont use it. good luck with the bann!

’till good news…wish luck to snowdobby 2! :)

August 25, 2008

im back and…just read

Filed under: news, whatever — snow dobby 2 @ 8:44 am

hi ppl!im back and I don’t think I will leave anymore but im not unbanned so this means I will never be unbanned and I won’t  play kong anymore :( maybe this site will be disabled and I will create another 1. here I will only advertise it

’till new news…wait for the other site ;)

August 22, 2008

theres a new card and…*sigh*…im sad too!

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 7:59 pm

hi theres a new card on epic war and…*sigh*…they banned me too! I was talking with some guys and then i got banned! (maybe I was hacked…) anyways or this bann disapears quickly or Ill lose the card!!!! Well I hope this doesnt happens to you guyz too XD

til next news…wish me luck with the bann to me too! :D

August 21, 2008

leaving again.GOSH!

Filed under: whatever — snow dobby 2 @ 7:08 pm

omg im leaving again!(untill monday)this summer  was really crazy!if I don’t get unbanned untill monday, then im banned 4 eva on kong

’till new news…wish me luck in getting unbanned ;)

August 17, 2008

im back and…sad

Filed under: news, whatever — snow dobby 2 @ 4:55 pm

hi ppl.ty pan for posting. im back  but very sad…my kong account is banned. I dunno y.also we won’t have another admin cuz’ he didn’t do his duty

’till new news…wish me luck on the bann thing

August 16, 2008

It’s buried treasure week!

Filed under: news — superpan1 @ 12:03 am

hi everybody! This week is buried treasure week, (yeah, buried games too) every day in this week there will be a special challenge where it will give you points if you complete it. Also theres 2 new cards, 1 in Intrusion and another in Brute wars. Sorry for posting late, I thinked snowdobby 2 will post this and didnt know it was gone… until he posted his last comment.

until new news… bye guys! :D

August 14, 2008

ill be gone… AGAIN!

Filed under: whatever — snow dobby 2 @ 8:59 pm

hi guys. looks like I will be gone untill sunday. I will play kong monday(with a new moderator)

’till new news…cya l8r ;) :cool:

August 9, 2008

im baack

Filed under: news — snow dobby 2 @ 9:33 am

hey ppl! Im back! HOORAY!. now im a bit busy cuz’ I don’t want to loose the new cards. anyway I won’t post them cuz’ they’re not very powerful. anyway I won’t leave home anymore!YAY!

untill new news… play more games! ;) :cool:

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